Game Changer

Game Changer

The right Game Changer assists us in finding the way to re-charge, to be sharper and more accurate in our business, to create quality time with the people we care for and arrive at work with energy and passion.

The Need

We all experience the burden and complexity of our professions and personal lives enmeshment. This situation makes it hard for most of us to dedicate time to what really matters, to differentiate between the important to the urgent and to clearly comprehend the outcomes we wish to achieve. Within all this, how can we not forget ourselves? How can we find the balance between life’s diverse components?

Dealing with today’s uncertainty and constant changes only increases the load felt by managers and teams, therefore it’s the right time to find a way to define the things that really matter and find a way to focus on them and get things back on track.

So why hasn’t it happened before? After meeting over 1,000 managers from all over the world, and hearing similar things from all, we identified two major failures:

  1. The identification failure – the difficulty to identify always the 3-5 things that are really important.
  2. The implementation failure – the lack of ability to act consistently and influence the important but not-urgent things.

Facing those challenges, we created the unique model of the Game Changer, a process that identifies the key-stone habit that will enable us to execute the really important things in both professional and personal lives, therefore adding essential positive value into our lives.

How does it work?

Our workshop starts with a seemingly simple question: “What is the one thing that you are not doing today, that if you start doing – will lead to a significant positive change?”. From then on, we start moving between observation and reflection to zoom out on life from a new perspective, to define what will become the Game Changer – the one thing that will make a difference but will be small enough to be implemented, bit enough to make the change.

The Three Stages Model

The first stage is to stop and examine our lives as a whole from the birds-eye view. Throughout the workshop, we work simultaneously on identifying the really important things in our professional lives as well as our personal lives. This alongside the understanding of the prices we pay today for our conscious and unconscious choices.

The right Game Changer should consist four parameters:

  1. 1. Great value – A Game Changer generates significant value and becomes a tipping point in the feelings/results/influence it creates.
  2. 2. Winnable – It May be hard to execute but with high energy and determination can certainly be achieved.
  3. 3. Huge motivation – Generates enthusiasm and internal drive to execute.
  4. 4. Multiple needs – The more needs a Game Changer answer, the bigger chance it will actually happen!

Persistence in a change is hard to achieve, therefore the model creates a unique Ecosystem assisting to tailor the change to each participant’s personal characteristics. This is a systematized process with a personal and professional aspect into which a practical and actionable implementation plan is being developed.

What makes the Game Changer Model so unique?

Target Audience:

Two workshop options:

The Program’s Impact