About Us

Partners, Committed to Your Growth Process

For managers and management team members who understand that to achieve results, there’s a need to develop those people who are interested in improving their effectiveness and connection to the organization.

We create significant experiences that drive personal, team, and organizational development, using a variety of methods that foster a significant learning experience.

For us, the impossible is impossible. We put our minds together to resolve your most significant challenges and engender real change. We don’t use generic, off-the-shelf solutions. We connect to your organization’s beating pulse and create solutions that are “yours” to the core.

Start with WHY:

Our Team

The spark that units us is our passion for creating genuine development processes, the kinds that deeply affect us and make us smile (and hopefully, are also held in an awe-inspiring location). We love adventures, challenging ourselves, and creating something from nothing.

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Gilad Wagner

Oren Waldman

Amnon Porat

Niv Peskin

Amitay Komorovsky

Michal Malka Perry

Michal Sapir

Osnat Hazan

Liat Becker

Anat Faber Shamir