Management Teambuilding – Teaming

In order to win, you need strong, engaged, focused management team that enjoys to work together.

Transforming your management team into an effective management team is easier said than done, mainly because of the “two hats” your managers must wear. On the one hand, each and every management team member is responsible for their own professional domain. On the other hand, they must always possess a more holistic view of the company’s interests – broad responsibility. The resulting conflict can, at times, lead to tensions that require honesty, openness, and alignment, vis-à-vis a common goal or direction.

Having consulted hundreds of local and global management teams across a wide variety of sectors, we understand that all management teams undergo 4 different stages and 4 different perspectives. Thus, our 4X4 model was born. Together, we’ll put together a clear image of where your team is, and, just as important, where your team wants to go. Then, we’ll move on towards helping you identify and agree upon those strategic drivers that will help you achieve your coveted goal, while selecting and building an ecosystem of processes, partners, and routines that will take you there.

Outcomes of the process:

Our 4X4 Model

Four prespective in 4 stages:

Management Offsite Building Guidelines

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