Fast-growing Companies

From Startup
to Scale-Up

Generating hyper-growth requires a winning combination of technological advantage, product-market fit, and a precise business model. That said, at a certain stage, every startup in the midst of rapid acceleration comes face-to-face with a new kind of glass ceiling – the transition from operating as a company to building an organization.

Having led tens of organizations through hyper-growth, and engaged in deep processes with large corporate entities, we created our Equalizer model, which enables rapid diagnosis of “where you are today,” and the identification of those main channels that will enable hyper-growth, with fewer growing pains. After mapping your organization, we draw upon our previous experience leading interventions across tens of similar organizations and present you with the most relevant interventions to enable your startup to scale up with success. The model is based on two clear, data-driven axes: the “business development stage” and “the number of people in the organization,” as well as on three infrastructure axes that enable hyper growth. Each channel has four developmental stages of its own, and every organization develops at its own rate, based on its applied strengths and the type of industry within which it operates

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The Equalizer Model

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