Map chosen by Gartner as Best practice in Managerial Development


As we all know, the work environment is becoming much more complex and professional managers are expected to deliver more than just business results. Managers today are expected to manage three arenas simultaneously – to be Accountable for their Employees’ Experience, to Contribute to the Greater Organization eco-system and to Lead their teams to achieve Business Success.

Management as a Profession (MaP) was designed in order to create the right eco system, mind set, and tools set in order to implement that approach.

One of the main streams of the MaP program is a 3 days deep-role analysis for experienced managers in order to embrace the advanced role perception. Milestone was chosen to develop, together with Amdocs OD team, this unique and advanced program, and we are honored to deliver it throughout the world.

As for today we have traveled in 15 countries, and met more than 800 managers.

This meaningful initiative arose due to a deep understanding of the highly rapid changes in a VUCA world and addressing it by redefining the different aspects of the manager role perception through changes in the Business environment, technology, managing the Y generation etc.

In order to meet this challenge, we have designed a unique experience that addresses the specific needs of experienced managers (dealing with satiation from training programs). The methodology uses the language & terminology of the managers themselves, even the creation process was innovative, using Agile methodology to integrate insights from customers, suppliers, managers in an iterative process.

Program Agenda

The first day of the workshop begins with an interactive Data Walk through a unique experience center, composed of data that the managers are elaborating on real time. This data includes facts about business performance, employee satisfaction, interfaces within the different units and self- assessment. For the managers, this is an opportunity to confront face to face the reality in which they are living, acknowledge it and address the most burning issues.

The second day is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions, participants are conducting a Hackathon, suggesting ideas and possible ways to solve root cause problems.

The third day is all about creating the energy and right settings to implement the change, defining the proactive steps which will lead the way toward success, realizing the slogan “the first step begins here”.

The feedbacks from the participants as well as from their managers are amazing, quotes such as “Working for 17 years in Amdocs this is the best training that I had” and “Excellent and very dynamic experience. This training challenges us to review our way of lead and deliver the best for all interfaces, giving us a lot of energy to go on with our journey together.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners at Amdocs for a great collaboration, and especially to Einat Pilowsky, in creating this meaningful vision and turning it into a reality.

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