who are we?

Milestone is a leading boutique Organizational Development consulting firm specialized in experiential learning methods. Our unique methods provide 360-degree solutions for today’s constantly changing and uncertain world of management, leadership, and organizations.

Some of the Key Services We Offer:

  • Beginning of the year strategy conference for top-level executives & mid-managment teams
  • Organizational processes and leadership development for entry and mid-level managers
  • Team building and development workshops
  • Leadership training and management support, guidance and training

Our company consists of a team of senior business consultants and workshop leaders who have extensive backgrounds in management, organizations, and leadership from diverse fields and sectors around the world.
Milestone has been in business for over 13 years and we have worked with over 1,000 satisfied companies with tens of thousands of managers and team-members in Israel and abroad! Our clients include companies and organizations from all sectors from huge multi-national corporations to small start-up companies.
We create a space that allows people, teams, and organizations to change, develop, innovate and realize their true potential. We believe in experiential learning that brings significant results in a short time. Our methods create energy, inspiration, and unity for all of our participants and promote a deeper level of commitment, alignment, and a connection between the organization and its members. We are experts in creating and leading targeted innovative processes tailored to specific customers and their exact needs. We can work with small teams and groups of hundreds of people, both in Israel and abroad. We possess a unique ability to create optimal conditions for positive change in people, teams, and organizations through the energy, focus, and commitment of the participants!

We Belive That:

  • We believe we can generate significant systemic impact in a short period of time.
  • We believe that your organization is uniquely powerful when everyone is unified and working together!
  • We believe that people can work together to create an optimal work environment and produce awesome results!
  • We believe that everyone can grow and develop to achieve results that are more than they ever dreamed possible!
  • We believe that teams that have clarity, consensus and focused goals can accomplish amazing things together!
  • We believe that experience-based learning can ignite insights and new perspectives along with deep shifts in understanding and thus promote profound results!

How We Do It:

  • We understand exactly what the customer needs and how to get there with our relevant experiential learning programs
  • We design events, activities and experiences that allow for reflection, inspiration and insight.
  • We understand what is critically important and we prepare, study and arrange all of the little details that assure success before we even begin.
  • We invest time to learn the ‘language of the customer’ – to be relevant and give all participants the maximum opportunity to experience the profound learning that we offer!

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Mevaseret Zion – 9140401, Israel